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How to use "Basic Search"

Click on the word "find" at the top of the posts, it will look like this:

NOTE the two lines "new since your last visit" and "active topics". Next time you enter the forum, select "new since last visit" to see what's changed. Works great.
KEY POINT notice the litte box that says "search current forum only".

When that is checked it will only search in the forum you are in. That's perfect, if you're in Ribs looking for "rib sauce". But if you're in ribs and search on "brisket" you might get nothing in return.

Uncheck that box and it will search all forums.


what if you don't get what you want?

Click on the line that says "advanced search"

Advanced Search
For those that haven't seen it, here's a photo.

The best way to use it is:

1. Be selective. the first two blocks will help the most "with all of the words" or "exact phrase". If you're not sure how to spell it, use the third option and type the various ways; select "at least one of the words" and try "barbecue, barbeque, bbq" when you don't know exactly the spelling.

2. Search by. Limit the search by selecting a specific forum. Like Brisket. Or Ribs. Otherwise it will find the search in ALL forums

3. Search within. If you remember a title, save time and just search titles.

4. Author. Use "smokinokie" if you know it's me.

5. Order by helps if you know it was a recent post

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