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Thanks for sharing the link Cal. Good read.

I bought Chris's book earlier this year and tried the chicken with white sauce twice. The chicken was delicious but the white sauce left me scratchin' my head a bit...kind of ho-hum. Think I read in this, or another forum that the Lilly's recipe deviates a bit from the sauce they sell online and at the restuarant(s).
Yep,the white sauce is truly a small area of North AL taste.The dipping each finished chicken quarter/half in a bucket of it as it comes off the cooker is part of the process.

On anything else,we have not acquired that taste.

We used to get a lot of the Red,and Habenero,and some mustard from Crhis and sometimes he included a few bottles of the white.

We never found a use around here for it.

Those pineapple ribs were from the book and a far cry from his comp product. Big Grin

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