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Just substitute Splenda for sugar on a 1 to 1 basis. To try to duplicate brown sugar, add a small amount (like a teaspoon) of the darkest blackstrap molasses you can find.

Be sure to use Splenda, as it holds up to higher temperatures. DON'T use aspartame or any other artificial sweeteners.

And yes, I'm still on a low-carb diet. I'm also diabetic.

I highly recommend this book by Dana Carpender.
Is it true that low fat/high protein cuts of pork like tenderloin is actually very good for diabetics? My Mother is diabetic.

Regarding Splenda: Maybe it takes alot of getting used to. They say it has no aftertaste like other artificial sweeteners. I can taste it, and do not like it.
Lots of theories on that. I actually lean towards the Atkins Approach - high protein, low carb. But every diabetic is different. I tend to eat foods with a low glycemic level. I can eat all the BBQ I want as long as I keep the sugar out. Smiler I've been able to bring mine under control through a low carb diet, lots of exercise, and metformin.
update last saturday i smoked 10 lbs of chicken legs and thighs did some for mom with just salt and pepper, and some with spicy chicken cut with splenda to mild down and sweeten both were good but i don't like the taste of splenda so a little less of it would have been better but mom liked it fine so mission accomplished, also did some with my favorite all purpose rub Smokin guns ( loaded with salt,sugar, and MSG )all the chicken was good but the guns was the best as usual we also had hamburgers, hot dogs and enough sides and deserts to feed an army it seemed i got to take home 3 thighs oh in case some one wants to know i get guns from
smoke-N-fire in overland park, ks. area

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