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last weekend while practicing we came up with this recipe and it turned out pretty good. we cooked it in an sm150 whch gave peggy a chance to practice manual temp settings and times
here is what we did
1 disposable loaf pan
1 raw sweet potato
2 jalapeno
1 pound mild bulk sausage
8 ounces jack cheese

peel and slice thin the sweet potato and line the bottom and sides of the pan. put that in for about 20 mins at 165 to soften and smoke the sweet potato

while that is cooking slice the peppers thin and mix with the sausage
add that to the pan and continue cooking at 165 to 180 for about 40 mins or until your maverick goes beep at 150

add the slices of jack cheese to the top and back in it goes until you hit 165 internal

we made a smoke bomb using bbq'ers delight cherry pellets since we were smoking a nice salmon fillet at the same time but wood choice is up to you.

it came out good and was a fun way to learn more about the sm150

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willy and zacher,
glad i posted the recipe.
like i said we were just playing around (and trying not to freeze as the temp went to 31 and a 5 foot hood will suck some air)
have fun guys and let me know what you all come up with because the best part about Q'ing to me is seeing all the different ideas
ps merry christmas
Hey Peggy.. this sounds really good and well worth a try. If I did it.. I'd probably use more tater and less sausage proportionally..

How greasy is it with no way to drain the grease from the sausage during cooking.. or do you do the sausage separately and then mix in?? Otherwise.. I'd not be able to eat this as often as I'd like.. Big Grin

Boxcar Billy....
it wasn't to greasy. we used a whole hog typ sausage but i did pour about 2 Tbs of grease off right before the cheese was added. i remeber that part quite well because i said to peg "check the reefer my beer aint cold" turns out we had hit freezing temp out side and that 5 foot hood made the wind chill in the rig about 20!!!
but ya gotta let an fec breathe!!!!
ps merry christmas!!!! and tell your son my dad said to rip whatever electric wires he needs right off the side of baghdad buildings just like he did in manilla (cepting his was pipes lol) Razzer

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