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I wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone of our members to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and questions to this forum. Your input is invaluable to everyone that reads it. Whether you are experienced, progressing, or new to smoking, your contributions (large or small) help us all in some way.

So if you have a technique, recipe, process, secret marinade, favorite rub, great sauce, small tip, question, concern, idea, story, smoking experience, or any other input (large or small), please don't hesitate to share it with all of us. Everyone's post helps us all in some way, or it's just simply "good read". If nothing else, let's have a little fun along the way.

I certainly have no intention on stepping on our talented and tireless moderator's toes with this post, but I've thoroughly enjoyed this forum so far and hope everyone understands the value on their contributions. We all gain when we all share, so let's hear from you. It's the only way we can soak up the good stuff.
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Your post makes a lot of good sense. Although I am not as active as I once was, I still enjoy some Somking & Grilling for the great grand kids in my Amerique & Louisiana Pellet Popper.
I wonder if you or anyone has ever tried "Paradise Locker Meats" ? They are the retail arm of "Arrowhead Commercial Meats"? Afriend of mine buys Kobe Briskets 8-10 # for around $3.95/Lb. Says they are great!!.Not much else I can contribute at this time. Keep up the good work!!
Originally posted by WRK:
Paradise locker Scroll down to kobe beef. This is not Japanese Beef. Its US Kobe from Arrowhead Meats.You can call them & they will explain. My friend swears by their Quality!

I'll vouch for the Arrowhead Kobe briskets. They're outstanding. I bought a couple of them 3 years ago for around $3/Lb. I thought it was quite a good deal until I figured out the shipping charges. I had to buy a cooler from them and they were shipped fresh overnight with ice packs. The shipping ended up costing significantly more than the meat, but I was committed.

I checked Arrowhead's website and they no longer sell retail. Retail orders are referred to Paradise, and their website makes no reference to shipping.

I think your talking about the Wagu beef. Kobe is a valley in Japan were the Kobe beef comes from. No other regions can refer to thier meat as Kobe.

I buy from Paradise Locker, and they do have good meat. And the shipping charge is the killer. It costs more to ship than to buy the meat.

American Wagu is great meat, and the marbleing of the meat is really something.


I did actually drop a spiral cut smoked ham that I was smoking a second time in my Smokette. The problem was not the tools but the fool doing the smoking --- far too many golden bubbly strengtheners. I'll bet I am not the only one who has dropped food after all the effort. To say the least the ham was pretty grainy.
Ok, got my interest on the Spatula tongs. Went internet looking and didn't find what I thought I wanted. Most were not scissor style. Any more information to offer. Brand name ect.

Originally posted by redoakNC:
Pags, not sure if you intended these postings in this thread small tool tip from a novice:

I was always nervous that I might drop a fully cooked rack of tender ribs while unloading from smoker. Also glazing and turning fully cooked ribs on grill was not easy with my standard bbq tools.

I found some rubber-gripped scissor style spatula-ended tongs at Lowe's hardware. 2 pair.

The spatula blade slips easily under meat and the scissor grip allows to open wide and clamp as hard as you need. Works great. Having the 2 pair allow me to handle full racks w/o gloves or fear of dropping. I use them for everything.

I can even unload fully-cooked whole split chickens w/o fear of the worst.

About $6 each

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