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Originally posted by buckeye biker:
First time using smokette.Placed a 3# top round in 5rs ago and the meat probe that came with the smoker seems to be stay at 150. Smoker temp. is 225. I'm just concerned about the accuracy of the probe or the smoker temp.

Is the 150 the temp of the meat or the smoker?

You're correct, you do need to test the probe because you don't know how accurate it is.
The temps on big hunks of meat plateau, and if we didn't read the information in the 101's and threads for the type of product we're cooking, we'd all go, "what the ..., is something broke"?

Tom's giving you good advice and is trying to be helpful. You'll still have plenty of questions after reading this stuff. I still do. But the information Tom mentioned is priceless.

Hope the Q turns out great.

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