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I just made my best jerky ever. The taste and texture were right on. I used the GLH method with some variations. Here's what I did.

I had the butcher cut 6 lbs of London Broil with the grain to 3/8" thickness instead of my typical 1/4". Trimmed what little fat there was on the edges.

I marinated the slices in Yoshida Teriyaki and Tenderquick (40 oz. of Yoshida and 2 TBL of Tenderquick) for 48 hrs. I flipped the container a couple times each day and opened the container to gently turn and move the meat each time. Did this to insure the marinade and the Tenderquick soaked into each piece. The London Broil was submerged in the marinade.

I drained the marinade, hung the slices on jerky rods, and then placed the slices into the smoker with 5-6 oz of hickory cut into 5 smaller pieces. Set the smoker at 190* for 2.5 hrs then at 235* for 2.5 hrs. The key to jerky is dumping moisture so I opened the smoker door EVERY HOUR for only 5 seconds at a time to let moisture escape. Started the jerky at a lower temp to help it dry more vs. cooking it. After 5 hrs, I laid the jerky on paper towels and let them air for one hour. Patted the slices with a paper towel(very little moisture).

A couple days in zip lock bags and WALLAH. Perfect jerky. I could sell this stuff. Cool
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That sounds pretty good Pags.

I have a question. Why are you using a cure on the meat (i.e., Tenderquick)? I would not think you'd need a cure if you are smoking at 190 for 2.5 hours and 235 for 2.5 hours. After all that smoking, the jerky is bound to be fully dried out.

I make jerky from time to time in my food dehydrator. I use several different marinades, usually for 24 to 36 hours in the fridge. No cure. Then I just dry them at the highest setting on my dehydrator, 140 degrees. I bag my jerky in ziploc bags and store them in the pantry. I recently found a bag that had gotten hidden away in the back of the pantry for six months. It was not spoiled, and it tasted fine.

That's why I'm curious about the TQ that you're using. It doesn't seem like it would be necessary if the jerky is fully dried.
Some recipes call for it even with smoking the meat. I guess I'm just being overly cautious. On top of that, I keep the jerky in zip lock bags (air removed) in the fridge.

I generally mail some back to my brother and friends in Chicago. With the jerky sitting in hot trucks, I'd rather err on the side of safety.
Me too.....

I've never seen a bag of jerky I did that would stay mould free for any great length of time but maybe I like mine a little moister than most.

I keep mine in the fridge and freeze what I can't eat in a short period of time. And TQ makes it look that nice RED color that you get when you buy jerky from the butcher and keeps your jerky from looking like cooked meat.
Trying my first batch of jerky tonight. Read the posts on the forum, went to the meat market and bought 5 lbs. of eye of round trimmed to 1/4". Marinated it in the jerky brine found on the forum. The most trouble was in finding the Tenderquick - finally found a grocery store that carries it locally. Anxious to see/taste the results. Experiment number 3, after almonds and pork butt both which came out fabulously. Love this forum and all of the information gleaned from it. Thanks.

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