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First, I want to thank Smokin' and the rest of you for putting together so much great information in one place. It kept me from doing stupid stuff and made me an instant superstar to family and friends, all in while being a totally rookie to butts.

I've had a WSM for years but mostly used it for short smokes. Although I think it's a terrific product, it was too much hassle for me for overnights. I really wanted a set it and forget it, but something that was top quality and produced consistent (as much as it is possible) results.

I just received my 025 a few days before Superbowl. Being on backorder a few weeks gave me enough time to study these forums and get ready to put it straight into action. I quickly seasoned it first with a little wood for a few hours and then a couple of 5lb picnics (thinking I'd just chuck 'em). Needless to say, there was no cause for throwing away the "seasonings". The picnics were already better than any of my local bbq joints serve for pig.

Come Superbowl, I made a couple of 9-10lb butts. I rubbed them with whatever I had in the spice cabinet... I think it was an Emerill's rib rub that I got as a gift and had never used. I used Smokin's vinegar mop while pulling the pork and provided the guests an assortment of flavorings, including Smokin's Mustard Sauce, the vinegar mop, and a few commercially available BBQ sauces and Louisiana hot sauces. We served it on cheap, small hamburger buns that were buttered, dusted with a bit of garlic poweder and toasted very lightly.

My 20-some-odd guests flipped out. Now I usually make killer food for my parties and I pride myself on that. But the reaction I got this time was quite a bit stronger than previously. My sister-in-law wanted me to go on the "Best Thing I Ever Ate" TV with her. Hilarious!

Anyway, a bunch of heartfelt thanks go out to this forum and its contributors. I hope over the years to come that I can continue to learn and eventually contribute to this group.

Thank you!

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Hey. You just contributed. Thanks. That's a great success story. Gonna try the light garlic grill on the buns next time.

Just like you, the first party barbecue after I got my Elite was several pork butts. Got my friends involved and had them help me pull the pork. Several sauces including Smokin's. As you experienced, everyone went bonkers. Now they look forward to whatever I'm smoking.

Welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.
I too had a Weber Smoky Mountain. I also had the BBQ Guru that regulated temperature. It does work. For me, the problem was all the work!

You may be surprised at how much you use your 025. I couldn't believe how easy it was to use my 025 on a frequent basis. I had a friend who referred me to Cookshack. I owe him. (Kevin, I hope you see this.)Just take good notes on each smoke. After a while, even your friends will say that they know of no commercial BBQ joint that is as good as your product from your 025.

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