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We're never quite sure how to contact everyone so, please pass this message on to all BBQ lovers everywhere and in particular all you PelletHeads!

We were absolutely thrilled to have won both the International and Grand Champion Awards at the Jack Daniels last week and want to thank you all for your support and advice since we've been cooking.

Any advice is good, as is equipment, rubs and meat. At the end of the day it comes down to the judges, sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you're not. We thought our Ribs were brilliant ... in fact everyone that tried them told us they were ... but the judges thought differently and trashed them to 31st place ... some people have no taste!!

If we have any advice on how to win contests, it is to study the competition, follow the rules, practice like mad and then cook and hope for the best! Don't know how we won ... but we guess it was a combination of the above.

Our job now is to use our win to promote American style BBQ in the UK and Europe. Don't forget Europe has been cooking meat over wood for the past few thousand years. The UK and Europe have lost their way in BBQ and we believe you guys have made an artform of it. We are thrilled to be your ambassadors in Europe and hope we can make a good job of promoting your wonderful cuisine across Europe.

One last comment, before you all pass out from boredom, is if we are successful in the promotion of BBQ in Europe, you guys are going to come under even more pressure in competitions!!

Thank you to all the people who made the Jack happen under such trying conditions - Tana and all the JD Team; also thanks to everyone who competed and gave their support in all ways to such a wonderful event. It is truly an International Event, supported by people who understand the importance of bringing together different cultures in the promotion of International BBQ.

PelletHeads Rule !!!
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From all we've heard,you are a class act of fine comp cooks and good folks.

Welcome to Cookshack and the world of competition.

Let us hear from you more often.

Next week is the Best of the Best Cookoff for all the top cooks in every sanctioning body.

I'd bet Kell Phelps will find a way to include the fine international teams.

I'll ask him this week.

Mad Cow I enjoyed meeting you all and dreamed of doing what you all did . I was another pellethead cooking on a FE100 at the Jack just like you. but you proved to be the Best . Keep up the good work and hope to see ya next year if we are lucky to make the draw.

Kim Pettit
KP`s Cowboy Cookers
Pelletheads #1
Rick & Jackie,

Congrats on your win. Always great to see pellet cookers take home the Grand! Wish we could have met you both. Cooking the Fiesta Grill thing on Friday afternoon really threw a kink in our plans for a lazy Friday afternoon in Lynchburg.

Look forward to meeting you there next year if we make it back. Again, congrats on a great job!

Pellet Envy
Rick & Jackie,

All I can say to ANY CHAMPION is congrats. You've done something that the folks in England may not really appreciate. I hope to see you interviewed on SKY TV.

Best to you. Anything you need, we're happy to have you as a member of the forum.

Now if we could just get you to the Cooking Class in Ponca for a little session.

Good on 'ya.

Smiler Well, probably enough said about our ribs! Our Dogs will just have to suffer some more while we practice!

We must say Rodney, that we found last year that whilst we had probably drunk too much Jack to cook in the Fiesta Grill (Candy reckons it was great but don't ask Jackie for the Recipe as she can't remember what was in the bag, let alone what we ... or Rick ... cooked)!!

However it did through us out and detracted from the preparation for the main cook-off. We were lucky in that Jack and Julia did the Parade for us and there was no evening function, which allowed us to catch up in the early evening and finish prepping the meats.

This year, as much as we would love to have cooked in the 'I know Jack' we were glad to have not been called as we wanted to keep our heads low and concentrate on the main categories.

Lucky that we did, as the results have proved!

All things being equal, we really enjoyed the Jack this year, as we managed to have a good time with old and new friends, as well as cook and get a great result.

Smokin' .... you're right ... the English don't understand the difference between American BBQ and throwin' a burger on a grill! whilst we have been cooking on woodfires for the past 2000 years, they haven't appreciate the subtleties of rubs, sauces and some of that wonderful wood that you grow in the USA.

As for Sky TV, it may be one jump across from Cloud 9 which we have been on for the past week ... but if you have any contacts ....


R & J
I'm pleased to add my congratulations to Mad Cows victory at the Jack!

You are so right, Jackie. At the end, it does come down to judges and what luck you have on what table you land on. All totally uncontrolled by the cook. Glad everything went your way.

Back to I know Jack 2003...that rice dish was a minced mushrooms, chopped onions, garlic, nuts, maybe a bit of Jack in there while the rice was cooking? Truly extraordinary...cornish game hen wasn't bad either.

Congratulations also to Peggy and Jack on your 2nd place brisket at Minneola!

Pelletheads RULE!

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