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Its bad enough not knowing who your real friends are. Sure, everyone loves you when you've got the smoker going in the backyard, but where are they when its time to clean out the gutters?

Now, this lifestyle is even starting to draw stares and whispered comments from onlookers. I rushed to the store tonight arriving just before they closed at 10pm. I quickly grabbed 10# of brown sugar, 10# of white sugar, 2 big boxes of kosher salt, 5 gallons of vinegar, and all the 64oz bottles of ketchup they had, then hurried to the checkout line.

I could tell the girl wanted to ask, but then I guess she thought better of it, and just quietly bagged my order without making eye contact. I had to make sauce! There's no law against that. It's not like I was buying all the girlie magazines or a cart full of panty hose. Its all for the sauce! This is still America isn't it? They locked the doors behind me and watched as I drove away.
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Tood,the wife/co-cook just had a good friend marry and move fom the coast here, to a small town,Yanceyville ,near Raleigh.

She does work ,daily,in Raleigh.

Seems like he may be in the building trades?

They are good cooks and fishermen.

She does smoking,especially pork and fish,as well as a lot of grilling.

Likes to eat bbq out,whenever possible.

Also, other good dives,diners,etc.

I'll be needing some help with recs for them,as soon as I can narrow down the locale.


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Hey Tom,

If they're moving to Yanceyville, I hope they like small town country living. It's a nice little town and beautiful countryside, but it is COUNTRY.

They're about 75 miles from Raleigh, but only 22 miles from what I think is the best NC BBQ joint(and whose sauce I was trying to duplicate last night), Short Sugars, and 13 miles from Short Sugars Danville VA location.

In Raleigh, try Clyde Coopers for real old time cooking, and The Pit is new, fancy, super clean, and trendy, but with one of the oldest pit masters in NC cooking, they manage to overcome these problems and put out some good food.

Tell them to try Kemps Seafood or the NC Seafood Restaurant at the farmers market (both in Raleigh, both owned by the same people, pretty much same menu, but you pay about $2 more at Kemps because the building is nicer) for good seafood, mostly fried. Adjacent(20ft away) to the farmers market seafood restaunt is the Nahunta Pork Center, for all your pork needs. They will sell you a whole hog or any part thereof, and it smells good like a meat market should. I find it best to eat before I go there because I've been known to get a little crazy if I'm exposed to large amounts of pork when I'm hungry.

And it's way off timewise, but tell them to plan on going to the Lexington BBQ Festival in the fall.
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I'll vouch for Coopers. It's a "neighborhood joint" near downtown Raleigh. I didn't know you could get Nahunta pork at the farmer's market. Whenever I visit my in-laws in Princeton I'm tempted to travel a little further when I see the sign with the crowned pig.

For those who may not know, Lexington BBQ is ketchup-based, while those around Raleigh and down east are strictly vinegar. The line of demarcation seems to be somewhere west of Siler City, where Aunt Bea used to live. In Asheboro we get the ketchup mess, and now that I can smoke my own I have no desire to patronize the BBQ places here.

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