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I just got my 025 and setting it up and getting ready to season. I noticed the firebox has a different design to my buddies 066. My 025 has holes in the side and in the bottom, which means the wood will come in contact with the heating element. Fine if you use chunks, but I still have some chips leftover. They will fall right through. My buddies 066 has no holes.  Anyone have any feedback here, like give the chips away? 



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Yeah, they changed the wood box a few years ago. My SM-066 (2013 build) has the old design which I think works fine unless for some reason the box bottom doesn't touch the burner, which is easy to fix. Don't know why they changed it. I don't like the idea of wood ash falling all over the bottom of the smoker and mixing with the rendered grease. Not a pleasant cleanup. If it were me, I might use foil on the bottom of the wood box every time just to avoid that.

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