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Here's the idea, Instead of just a top 5 list, it would be interesting to see how long a list we get.

After a while, I'll combine them into one list...

Everyone enter one item that they smoke in a CS. ONLY one item

You can't repeat the above. Don't add your signature.

just a simple master list of items.

Here we go....
Updated list
  1. Alligator
  2. Almonds
  3. Any fresh or precooked sausages
  4. Beans with leftover Q
  5. Beer Butt Chicken
  6. Brisket
  7. livers and hearts (bird and small game)
  8. Bologna
  9. Brussels sprouts
  10. Burgers
  11. cabbage
  12. cabrito (goat)
  13. Calf Fries
  14. Catfish
  15. Cheap beef roasts
  16. Cheese
  17. Chicken (leg quarters)
  18. Chicken (Whole/Breasts)
  19. Cocktail meatballs
  20. Coconut
  21. Cod
  22. Corn on the cob
  23. Cornish hens
  24. Duck
  25. Eggs (aka Scotch Egg)
  26. Extra large shrimp
  27. hams (Fresh or precooked)
  28. Freshwater eel
  29. Fruits: Pears, bananas and apples
  30. Garlic bread
  31. Ground Octopus Patties
  32. Halibut
  33. Herring roe
  34. Hot links
  35. Hot peppers (Jalapeno, Ancho Chile, etc)
  36. KELP, Gumboots, Chitons, Oregon Triton deep-sea Snails
  37. Lingcod
  38. Lox (cold smoked salmon)
  39. Meatloaf
  40. Millet
  41. MOINKS
  42. Mutton
  43. Oatmeal
  44. Oysters
  45. Paprika
  46. Parboiled 'coons,'possums,and "whistle pigs"[groundhogs]
  47. Pastrami (from corned beef)
  48. Pecans
  49. Pineapple
  50. Pork bellies (bacon)
  51. Pork Butt/Shoulder/Picnic
  52. Pork tenderloin
  53. Prime rib
  54. Quail, dove ,& grouse
  55. Razor Clams
  56. Ribs (Country, Spare, Back)
  57. Salmon
  58. Salmon roe
  59. Salt
  60. Scallops
  61. Smoked baked potatoes
  62. Smoked mullet
  63. Squirrels
  64. Steelhead
  65. Stuffed jalapeno peppers
  66. Stuffed pork loin/tenderloin
  67. Stuffed Yellow Pepper
  68. Sweet 'taters
  69. Tomatillos
  70. Tomatoes, garlic, onions for Salsa
  71. Triticale
  72. Tri-tip
  73. Tuna
  74. Turkey
  75. Turkey (whole)
  76. Turtledove
  77. Watermelon rind
  78. Whitetails, elk, and pronghorns
  79. Wild & farmed rabbits
  80. Wild pig
  81. Wild rice plain and mixes
  82. Wild turkey breast

NEW additions:
Tri Tip
Black bear jerky / summer sausage
Caribou jerky / summer sausage
Chicken Wings
Hog Dogs
Conecuh Sausage
Kangaroo Meat
Rabbit, Wild Rabbit
Beer Can Turkey
Crescent Rolls
Artichoke Hearts

Contributors:Andi, Greyn, Lonster, Brad Bayliff, Rude Pete, Don from NJ, Ricky, DSW, Woodburner, BQ Matt, drbodkin, tjr, Tom, terryatcookshack, Joseph, Leatherroot, Andi, Cajunqr, lefty, KG, BobbyQue, MarkA, IronSteve, bembring, Pags, Micah, Gil, Mainely Dave, drhys, billyq, wheelz, ov1, d merrell, bembring, ironsteve, hoss, BBQ Tom, doogster, Dan2, Pags, Tarheel50, tigerfan, twofer, mountainman, T-Bone44, Wurts-Bagel, multrane, MichaelD, RangerDF, Wilber, junkman345, Qnorth
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