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I love this one for chicken.

It's not so much the wired part, but that I use the smallest probe it has when I'm testing chicken. It doesn't make as big a hole is the regular one. I do use the one in the picture, just below the white tipped one. I bought the coiled cord/extension and it's perfect for chicken.
Originally posted by Wheelz:
A little OT here (sorry Smokin') Big Grin

If all the boys are doing is providing the meat and you're cutting, providing the HM cure/seasonings, doing the marinading/cure, & all it takes to smoke the meat - I think I would make a case for keeping 25% for my own personal use. Big Grin

I think we're on the same track here. Smiler
The difference is when you use your conventional digital therm (wired or remote) it will take anywhere from 15-30 seconds to get and accurate reading. With the Therma Pen it's instantaneous! you can take multiple readings in the time it takes for the digital therm to get up to temp.

Like Tom once told me, once you use it you'll wonder how you ever got along with out it.

I sulled up at the $99.00 price & waited forever. Grab a couple at the sale price!!! Big Grin
As Wheelz said, it reads a whole lot quicker than the standard therm. That's a big plus with the electric Cookshacks because it greatly reduces the time you have the door open to make your temp. checks. Also, as Smokin' pointed out, it has a smaller diameter probe. The smaller hole in the meat allows less of the juices to escape.

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