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what is the best thermometer out there , i prefer a wireless or some type of put it in place and forget it type . i assume you put the probe in at the beginning and as you check your meat you check your temp. please correct me and explain if i'm wrong i'm a newbie at this , right now i'm smoking on a borrowed smokette ( still waiting for mine to be delivered )
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Taylor makes a nice remote probe thermometer, it comes with a magnet unit to stick on the smoker, plug in the probe and run it down the smoke hole in top, and insert into meat half way. Set the cook time and temp on the unit, and relax. Check the THERMO, AND NOT THE MEAT. Don't open the door to look, as it adds about 1/2 hour to cook time every time the door is opened.
Nice country there in Battle Mt., I pass thru there on my sis's place in Crescent Valley.
Happy cookin' and happy new year too all.
I believe the model is the 1474 for the remote (have a new one in the wrapping here) but for some reason they have stopped making it. I think there was some kind of the problem with it, maybe it caused radio interference. Mine works fine and it is a very good remote going to 400 feet in some tests I made. If you can't find the remote, I would go with the Taylor 1470 which is not a remote but is pretty cheap and easy to find. Amazon occasionally has them dirt cheap (less than $10)
We discussed the remote models a couple of weeks ago and, at least, a couple of us have had interference issues. Sometimes the chicken wire in stucco houses prevents transmission from reaching the receiver, sometimes portable phones which use, I believe, the same frequency ranges can cause issues.. as well other unknown interferences. Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can be tricky and tricky to troubleshoot. That said, I have a remote Maverick and never use it. YMMV.
I have a Maveric remote. I bought it and used it once or thrice and it worked fine. I continue to use my Taylor.. it's made for non-tech dummies like me. Works well.. every time.

I brought up the issues with RFI and remotes in the above post because it does happen in some situations as noted above. It won't happen to everyone as they might not have things that contribute to the problem.. it's not Maverick.. could happen to any remote unit that uses a radio frequency.

I mentioned it simply as a buyer beware.

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