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I have been lurking here with drool hanging off my chin for a long time, dreaming of the day I have a Cookshack smoker for myself. I saved $30 a paycheck for the last year and placed an order for a SM025 on Monday.

I was really surprised when I got a shipping notification yesterday that indicated it would be delivered today. I came home for lunch just to make sure it didn't set out in front of my house in the case they might have left it there. I checked the tracking info online and it said it was "on the truck for delivery."

I got back home a little after 4pm and it still wasn't there. I paced back and fourth peeking out the window every few minutes waiting for the truck to arrive until 5:30, thats when I checked the tracking again and it said "delivery exception, could not find address."

I quickly called the shipping company and was told it was back at the shipping station and I could pick it up in person by 7pm,otherwise they wouldn't be open again until Monday.

I hopped in my small car with 2 bungee cords (deep down I knew there wasn't a chance it would fit) determined to cook ribs for my family tomorrow.

They let me drive my car close to the door since the box wouldn't fit the walk through gate and the nice gentleman helped me lean the box barely out the back of my car and precariously strap it to the frame. He laughed when I told him I thought it would be alright.

I took back roads at 20mph the whole way home, it took me 45minutes and lots of people passed me in a hostile manner, but I didn't care. My rear tail lights and blinkers were not visible since they were sticking straight up in the air. Luckily, we both survived the trip.

I am breaking it in now and hopefully my first attempt at smoking spare ribs tomorrow will make my family understand why I have tried so hard to get one of these things. I am sure there are more perilous tales that folks can tell about how they got a Cookshack, but I thought I would share mine.

Thanks to everyone here for all the great info!


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I didn't have to tie mine into a car but indid drive to Little Rock to pick mine up to save waiting the weekend for my 40. Welcome to the best smoked meat you'll ever put your lips on. I've got 12 racks to smoke myself this weekend. By far Cookshack is the best (besides my Harley) money I've ever spent. Again welcome

Oh how I know that feeling. It took me over 6 months to decide I wanted one and then I talked the Mrs's into going to Cabela's to just look at one. I should have listen to her when she said lets take the truck, but hey, I was just checking it out.

I still remember the look of the shipping clerk when he toted the box out to the CAR. Will that 45 mile drive on the interstate didn't break no records and yes I was the idiot that cause everyone to shake their number one finger, oh well!

Yes, I believe you, they can be brought home in the trunk of a car, if you have a strap or a little bit of rope.

Good luck with the ribs.
Oh I know how ya feel!I have wanted an FEC 100 for a long long time!!! The Friday before New Years Eve about 5:30 my wife said oh look there is a Fed Ex semi in our drive way, and I wonder what in the world they are delivering? She hurried out and I followed and waited for the driver to open up the trailer and oh my GOSH there was an FEC 100 for his last delivery. My wife had ordered one for me for Christmas as we were celebrating Christmas with our grown children the next day. What an awesome and I must say the very best present she has ever gotten for me. Guess I will have to keep now after 32 years? I absolutly Love it!!!
Originally posted by 2nd Hand Smoke:
... My wife had ordered one for me for Christmas ...

Dude, she's a keeper and you BETTER buy her something special for Valentines Day, she deserves it!!!

A wife buying someone an FE. That's awesome.

All my wife bought me was a smokette (14 years ago and look were it got me). We always laugh were I've ended up and I always point back that SHE started me on this adventure (more news coming in 2012)

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