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After destroying several briskets and ribs in my life as a wanna be smoke god, I finally decided that enough was enough. I swallowed my pride and realized that I was not after (nor would I ever win) the big prize money of winning BBQ competitions but rather I really like good food cooked well. And so I researched forever looking around the net, reading what articles and/or forum posts I could get my hands on to become more educated and try to reach a decision on how I should spend my money wisely...

And then I stumbled upon the CookShack Smokette 008. I have owned it for a week now and I have produced the most incredible brisket and baby back ribs. Today I smoked three racks with apple wood and they all came out superb.

I now look back in horror at the times I presented tough, dry shoe-like meat to my wife that she choked down, each time smiling through the pain of having to endure yet another failed attempt of culinary chicanery in an attempt to spare my feelings.

I just wanted to say thank you CookShack! This little smoker is absolutely unbelievable.

If you are haunting these forums trying to decide what kind of smoker to buy believe the hype. This is one of the best investments I have ever made!

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My story is similar to yours Kinger. Bought an 009 in late April and I've already run 17 batches of "goods" through it. If you use a remote thermometer and read this forum, you can't go wrong. I've smoked about 6 or 7 batches of jerky and all have turned out great. I use Hi-Mountain Sweet & Spicey cure on bottom round roast. The grocery store cuts it for free. I hang it on kabob skewers that hang from the shelf holders. I smoke it for 3 hours at 210, then finish it in my oven for an hour at 200. Turns out great every time.
Thanks for the information. I use the Hi-Mountain brand as well, always have. This is my first time using a smoker as I have always used a food dryer in the past. I have been smoking it now for close to 4 hours at 200. I am about to go check it again. I may go ahead and pull it at 4 and do the 1 hour in the oven as you suggest.

Thanks also for the tip on the bottom round roast. I will try that next time and get my butcher to cut it up for me.

BTW, I am using the jerky rods I purchased from CS. They seem to be working okay so far.
If the jerky has been in for 4 hours at 200*, and it is not sliced too thick, it might be too done. I don't get the oven trick, unless it is just for drying. All you need to do after it comes out of the smoker is lay it out on paper towels on the counter to dry. When it cools well, then put in ziplocks or vacuum bags, then in the fridge if you want. If you put it in bags and in the fridge before it is cool, it will collect condensation and the drying was all for naught. No need to put in fridge at all if you keep it out of the heat and don't take a month to eat it.

Try what GLH said. I just made my 4th batch of jerky using his method and it works to a charm. Set your CS to 180* and let it warm up for 15 minutes, then hang your jerky for 3 hours at 180*. Take it out, place it between paper towels to dry out and it turns out great for me each time. No mess, no fuss, real easy and real tasty. I use Hi Mountain, flank steak cut thin and hang it on CS stainless rods in my AQ.
Thanks for the tips guys. I made a couple of mistakes this first go. The meat slices were too thick and so the drying process did not seem to occur well in the smoker. I think I may go ahead and invest in the cutting board and knife set from Hi Mountain so I can get it nice and thin. My other mistake was not letting the jerky cool enough before putting it in the fridge.

Overall it did not come out well. On the bright side, my dog gets some homemade treats :-)

I am going to try it again using the thinner slices. I will try my butcher first before investing in the knife and cutting board set to see if they can give me what I need.

Thanks again for the tips!

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