This forum is a useful tool for getting help with and discussing problems. I want to take a minute to give some positive feedback. I have had my new smokette 020 for almost a week. I have smoked pork butt, brisket, chicken, a little piece of fish, and a whole bunch of jerky. Man, this thing works great. It has been nothing but pleasure. Kudos to the folks at cookshack. I am adjusting to the surprisingly small amount of wood needed for a good smoke. I bought a huge box of hickory. I am going to have to put it in my will because it will last two lifetimes.
Woody out.
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I got 25 lbs of wood with my Amerique and I am also wondering what I will do with it all! I just could not get past the stickburner mentality that I would need a ton of wood. For Chicken I use about 1 oz of wood per smoke!

Good luck and great fun to you!


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