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Is there a maximum amount of time that a brisket can be left in the wet brine when making corned beef/pastrami? I realize that 5-7 days seems to be about the minimum, but is there a problem if it is left in the brine for 2-4 weeks (or even more) while in the refrigerator? Is it best to freeze the corned beef after a week or two in the brine rather than leaving it in the brine for another few weeks or months? Thanks for your advice!
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I don't have a definite answer other than the longer you leave it you will hit a point where the meat will turn mushy and the flavors may change over that period of time.

Haven't really seen much about Extreme Pastrami.

Guess you'll be our guinea pig.

Guess the question is why? I can understand if you forgot, but if you'd done this and are happy with xx duration, why change.

If you haven't done it, why change a recommended process.

The key is the curing effect. Once it's cured through completely, curing longer won't make it "more" cured.
Why? I started curing the brisket with the intention of making the pastrami a couple of weeks later, but things came up and it won't be until about 5 weeks after I started it that I'll actually smoke the brisket. I cooked the point at the 3 week mark for corned beef & cabbage and it was fine. I guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks when it's done if the extended time in the brine has any effects on the result. Thanks

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