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Here's another favorite recipe we like in the's very good and easy to prep.


Tomatoes_onions_With blue cheese Mix

~1/3 cup virgin (i.e. nobody's done nothing to it) olive oil and ~1/3 cup
Balsamic vinegar
about a teaspoon of Italian seasoning (dry from packet)
pinch of sugar

Take nice ripe tomatoes (home grown is best), and cut into slices.
Cut a red onion in half and cut THIN rings

Place a layer of tomatoes on a plate
lightly salt (I use Lowerys) and pepper
spread a layer of onions - not too much - they will over power everything
sprinkle a layer of crumbled blue cheese
lightly sprinkle with the oil/vinegar

Repeat with one or two layers more

Refrigerate for a few hours covered w/saran

Let stand out to warm up about 15 minutes before serving

Light a cheep cigar, fill glass w/ a nice merlot...............
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