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I just finished cooking a 16# brisket seasoned with Tony Chacherez herbs&spice seasoning.Used about a 3 ounce chunk of hickory and set the temp to 225 degrees and started cooking at 2pm and by 8pm the remote temp reading was 199 degrees???I opened the smoker and placed my probe in different areas and still get the same reading by 1 or 2 degrees all over the brisket.The brisket was foiled around 5 pm due to the temp reading of 176 degrees..??I dont know how this happened but the brisket seems to be done and not badly burnt or anything??Any advice on this??Thanks.
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Billyq....You're referring to a 16lb full packer brisket?

I just did a 14lb full packer a week ago and at 200-225 degree setting on my CS 50 (did first 8 hours at 200 overnight, then to 225 rest of the way), it was a 16 hour smoke to get the flat portion of the brisket to 190, then a few more hours to finish off the point (for burnt ends)...

All others here on the board have much more experience than me, but sounds like a thermometer/probe problem...I'm sure others will chime in with better insights for you...Good luck! IBSPY
Billyq - I know how it happened. The thermometer is broken...............get another one. In fact, everyone should have at least 2 different types / models at any given time, just in case one does this. Your brisket wasn't done. 16lb's at 225 in a cookshack should take at least 16 hours, at least that's my experience with the cooker. Good luck. (Did you eat it?)
Nope, a 16lb packer can not be done in 6 hours (not even if it's done when it's done).

The temp of the smoker had to be way off, or the probes have problems.

Regardless of the temp (which I agree is probably broken), you should be checking the tenderness of the brisket when you're sticking the probe in. Does it give easily or hard to push in. That would be the indication telling you if it was done in 6 hours.

Temp will get you into the area, but for a perfect tenderness, you need to do the poke and prod method to get it exact.
The brisket was tender and about to fall apart,I made a cut and all the meat was done.My smoker is a 1400 Stainless-Smokin Tex.Ive had it now almost 2 years with no problems.Due to the smoke before this one where a brisket burnt up to charcoal on me I am wondering if my thermostat in the oven is fried??

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