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I recently cured a pork loin in Morton Tender quick (my first) and then smoked it to 160. I used a large bulk vacuum container for the curing. The smoke was great but the loin was way too salty. I did it in a liquid cure according to the directions on the package. I let it cure in the brine for about 14 days instead of the 6 to 10 as stated on the package. I did rinse it in water for about 30 minutes. I also expected the loin to come out looking red throughout like ham but it did not. Any suggestions/observations would be appreciated.


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What were you trying to do, get a cured loin or brine it?

Can you give me some specifics about how much TQ to how much solution (from the package). TQ is pretty potent stuff. I'm sure part of it is the 10 days. If it was too salty, cut you TQ in half.

Let me know some details and I'll help if I can.

Can you post the recipe you used? Very surprising that it was too salty but not pink at all.

May be able to advise how to correct, or try this recipe that I've used a number of times for pork loin:

Mild Cure for pork, beef, or turkey:

For 2lb meat, multiply to match your meat weight:

3 oz room temperature water
1 tsp phosphate (optional - I use Con Yeager Curaphos, their product 1287)
1/8 tsp sodium erythorbate (also optional, also from Con Yeager)
3/8 tsp pink curing salt: 6.25% nitrite (available from Con Yeager or many other suppliers)
1 Tbsp kosher salt
2Tbsp dextrose or sugar

This could be simplified to use grocery store ingredients, altho it won't be nearly as good:

3 oz room temperature water
1 Tbsp TQ
2 Tbsp sugar

I inject this solution into the loin using one of those plastic injectors, then refrigerate for a week or so before smoking. Depending on how smokey you want it, smoke at a low temperature for several hours, then raise smoker to 175F or 200F and smoke until internal meat temperature is 160F.

Recipes on TQ package I think are extremely salty. Maybe they want to sell more TQ Big Grin

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