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I have a new deck being built, going to put my smokers (FEC's, FEPG, a few surprises) out there.

What I'm looking for is a good solution to outdoor stereo for a deck. They make all weather, expensive units.

I'm looking for idea, maybe even as simple as a regular stereo, but in an environmental enclosure or something.

Anyone done anything cool. MP3 capability / hard drive is a plus.


Thanks in advance
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I have 1,000's of CD that I own and have downloaded to my HD so MP3 is good. Don't want satellite radio, have too many of those don't need to pay for another account.

I'm thinking more stereo in the house, but wire it outside with some bose speakers and a remote control for the stereo.
I too would go for an iPod or iTouch solution. Particullary since you have the CD's that you have or could rip to MP3's! There are several weatherized speaker solutions that you could wire to you home system or as Max or Nordy said a small portable would work as well. I like the iPod approach since you could build your own play lists for the group dynamic that you are entertaining.
Smokin - As Mike4258 mentions,instead of acquiring a separate system, why not use your current home system and just install external speakers via hard wire, or if possible, wireless. I did the latter a couple years ago on the lanai of a 2nd home I have in Florida. My home system there is Bang & Olufsen, and I used their proprietary wall mounted BeoVox 1 speakers with a wireless link. If you want to use an MP3, just connect it to the home system with a cable.

For a good independent manufacturer of outdoor speakers, I've used Sonance in the past with good results.
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Bose makes a variety of outdoor speakers; wall/ceiling mounted or floor/ deck models. They don't come cheap but I've always found Bose sound fidelity a cut above the rest.

If you've never used an iPod or iTunes, consider it. The flexibility of creating different playlists...southern bbq vs Caribbean "chillin & grillin" for example is a definate plus. IIRC someone posted an iTouch app that monitors smoker temps Smiler The iPod function is included in iTouch. All Apple gadgets are easily connected to stereo gear.
My home stereo/Home Theater system has a 2 zone amplifier so I ran a pair of speaker cables out to my deck and have them wired to a pair of JBL outdoor speakers. I mounted the speakers under the eave of the house to keep them protected. I can listen to all/any of my music collection be it CD's, albums (yes, I still spin the occasional LP!),streaming music from DirectTV or I can steam my iTunes library off the laptop. We're using DirectTV's MediaShare wireless router to interface the laptop with the reciever and computer for this. It's not as complicated as it sounds.
We're in the process of setting up playlists now. I'm about half done with the BBQ playlist. This has worked great for almost a decade now but I am going to run new cable this year. I wish I would have thought to use some pvc conduit when I did it the first time! I think I'll install a volume control on the out side as well. Hmmm, maybe I'll upgrade the speakers too, Paradigm has a sweet outdoor speaker..
ALL great idea.

But you didn't make it easy just too many options.

The current home stereo is about 9 years old and powers the Theatre system (B&O speakers in the ceiling) but it doesn't have the remote options I like.

I want to get a Small, dedicated system that will be by the back door and I'll probably go wired or wirelss (I have an electrician on site wiring the deck, so that's easy enough, probably put a switch for 1, 2 or 3 pairs of speakers (hot tub, dining area and bbq area).;

As much as I spent on the deck (wait till I show the pics) you'll see why I should reward it with a new stereo Smiler

Thanks guys, keep the advice coming...

Basically what I'm hearing you say is that the inside of the house is covered. So on to the deck.

The 1st requirement is an amplifier or receiver, should you want the option of AM/FM (ballgames?). It's been awhile since I purchased a receiver, back then receivers were set up for Channel A + B, giving you the
option of sound at 2 separate locations. You mentioned wanting 3 sets of speakers. At the restaurant we use a separate speaker amp which runs off the receiver. It allows for separate volume control of up to 4 sets of speakers, which we use. I would add that to your system.

Now connect an iPod or Apple _____ to your primary receiver and you have all your music options covered.

Speakers: my understanding is that wired speakers reproduce better sound vs wireless...cost less too. Since you have an electrician on premise, I'd go wired. As VA Slim mentioned, running wires via PVC makes it easier to replace wires should you need to.

Hope that helps.

Can't wait until the discussion turns to tasty adult beverage dispensing options Smiler
I've got a Denon 2-zone amplifier (I've actually got 4 zones but that's another topic). BBQ area and separate courtyard speakers are outdoor design wired to the system in zone 2. The amplifiers, Blu Ray disc player (streams movies from NetFlix), CD player, Comcast control box, and other equipment are in a closet behind/next to the family room TV and are all controlled by a single remote control (can't remember if it's infrared or radiowave signal). You don't see any of the equipment but get all the features. The remote works from the patio for music selection.

I've spent many an evening on the patio listening to music, sipping a beer and smelling the great fragrances from my Cookshack. This cooking is hard stuff.

I'm going to start downloading music to my I-Phone and create playlists. Will have a docking station connected to my system so I can listen to whatever music suits my mood--inside or outside.

Smokin. Being a technocrat and with your desire for toys, you'd like this type of setup. Once you've got the equipment, it's maybe another $725 to get the remote system and have Paradigm (or Magnolia) set it all up. I'm assuming you'd run the speaker wires to the system.
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Inside Stereo
Outside speakers hardwired
3 sets of speakers (mounted on wall under roofline)
Remote control

Tell me more about remote controls.


p.s. I'd love a kegarator for beer, but I have a beer fridge already in the garage. The ONLY thing lacking (once you see it) will be I didn't build a full outdoor kitchen.
One remote works everything--TV, receiver, CD, DVD, Blu Ray, Comcast box, etc. Logitec makes the remote system. They're big into wireless products--like computer mouses (mice?) as you know. You don't need a direct line of site for the system to work, therefore, everything can be out of site in a closet or cabinet. The remote is actually a little computer.

Magnolia carries it as I'm sure Paradigm would. I think the only other expense would be a 2 zone amplifier/receiver if you don't have the second zone. Sonance makes a mulitple zone switcher that can be connected to your single zone amplifier I believe. May be a cheaper option.

Once the remote is set up, a single press of the remote's button turns on all the equipment you need. For example, you want to watch a movie. Press "watch a movie" or "watch Blu Ray". The remote turns on the TV, the amplifier/receiver and the DVD player. One button. Presto. Your theatre system starts. If you're not streaming movies, you do have to get up to load a disc. Big Grin

Tired of watching movies and want to listen to your CD's. Press "listen to CD's". The remote turns off the TV and DVD player. Turns on the CD player. Leaves the amplifier on. ONE BUTTON.

I got this setup cause my wife always complained that my system was too complicated to switch from TV to movies to music. After several training sessions I realized I needed a better way. Now. One button. She's happier.

The only drawback is the remote sometimes works a little slower than the regular equipment remote shooting at the equipment directly. It also gets confused once in awhile and doesn't perform the operation you want. Press the "help" button and the system fixes itself and does what you asked.

You have to have the people at Magnolia or Paradigm set it up. They go online and use a computer to download the information the remote needs to operate.

Here's a picture of the remote. Buttons I refer to are on the screen. Flip page to get to more buttons.



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