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This isn’t the first time I’ve done a packer, but it will be the first time I’ve done 2 at the same time, and the first time I trimmed the fat cap.

I usually start off by reading my notes from my last smoke and then research a couple of forums I follow.
I try to pay particular attention to the notes on food safety.
There isn’t any reason to take short cuts when it comes to food safety


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Now, I would have never guessed you would be so careful on food safety! LOL. Those are a couple fine looking briskets for coming from Walley World, good job. These smokers do a fine job cooking briskets.

As far as reading other forums to get knowledge on brisket cooking... I positive that Smokin',Tom, or RibDog would have been more then happy to help a feller out. I'm certain that a person couldn't get much better school'n then from them, ya know! Guess I might be a little bias on that statement,oh well, when you walk at the Jack you get my attention.

Keep up the good work, like to see those pics,thanks!
LOL Yeah can’t afford to become complacent. Normally I would have gone to my local butcher for my briskets, but I didn’t have time to order them. These had quite a bit more fat on them than I am used to, but the AmeriQue makes briskets almost seem like child’s play.

Smokin Okie’s Brisket 101 is the first place I go then read my notes from my last smoke. After I have read almost every brisket post in this forum I looked up brisket on other sites. As much as I like brisket I guess I was looking for something different to try.

I gotta agree with you on the school’n offered here. I haven’t been steered wrong yet.
The COPs only said Excel on them.
I don’t remember the COPs from my butcher having anything on them.
These had a ½” to ¾” thicker fat cap on them than the ones I get from my butcher.
I am guessing I trimmed 5 – 6 lbs of fat off before I rubbed them.
They were juicy, tender, had very little leftover fat, and were quite tasty.
I wanted to shred half of them but the boss wanted all of them sliced.
I had to go a bit thick to get it done, but as I said they were really good.

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