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We have an upcoming deck party for apporx 50-60 people. Planning on doing 20lbs pork butt; a 14lb brisket; and 6 slabs of BB ribs. May also do a few tri-tips but not sure on that. Based on my forum research I am operating under the assumption that the Pork butt will yiled approx 40 4oz sandwhiches; the Bricket will yield approx 18 "servings"; and the ribs will be approx 24 "servings". Am I on the right track? We have a ton of sides as well. Using 3 SM020s to accomplish all of this... Any input is appreciated as always
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Them there numbers would work with the sides that you're going to have. I just did a party for 40 folks. I had 16lbs PB, 18lbs of brisket flats and a friend did 3 slabs of LB ribs. I ended up with one half pan of meat left.

I experienced a little more carry-over heat than I had expected, so you might want to keep that in mind if your gonna FTC the brisket and PBs together.

Good luck!
Problem with the "calculators" is trying to figure out serving size for a group of people.

For planning, figure 50% loss on the PB and Brisket. So you'll have 10lb PB and 7lb Brisket. If you give a 8oz serving (LARGE) then that means 20 servings of PB and 14 of brisket. 4oz would be 40 servings of PB as you stated and 28 of brisket.

Ribs is a different issue, it's how many bones. BB are small and won't feed much. I serve spares because of that, you'll feed more. Usually 12 to 13 ribs per slab, but on BB that's not much meat, so your talking 72 to 78 ribs basically, that should be enough.

The KEY is how you'll serve them.

Put the sides up front, let them fill their plates.

Serve the PB and Brisket then serve the ribs. If you let them pick themselves since it's a party, they'll probably go for the ribs first.

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