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I have a few questions....

I found a new supplier for briskets. I haven't purchased from him before. But I bought a 14.72 pound packer that has 1855 G. F. Swift Black Angus USDA Choice on the packaging. He told me that this was a great cut of brisket. I paid 3.99 per pound.

Anyone know if the G. F. Swift is a high end supplier? Did I get a good price?

So, I'm going to need this thing ready for dinner on Saturday around 5pm. I know its done when its done but when should I start it in my 009? I'm thinking Friday at midnight. What say you?

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I can tell you that prices will be different at the different regions of the country. I live pretty much in Beef country so they tend to be more reasonable around here...that said, the last few times I've went to Sam's I've come across some briskets that just said"Swift" on the cryo. Could be what you have run across. They were choice and priced at 2.58/lb, I didn't buy any though, have a few different in the freezer.

Oh, the last trip to Sam's I came across some Black Canyon choice Angus briskets that caught my attention, because they weighed 20.7 and 20.9 lbs respectably. Yeah, I had to buy those. What the heck, I only have 8 others in the cooler, oh well.

Never hurts a cook to practice, so I'd say you will have some fine eating.

Times sound about right to me.

Have FUN!
So another place my temp probe in the flat and check at 195? If that is the case won't the internal temp of the point be lower than the internal temp of the flat since it is thicker?

However, I'm thinking I'm going to have to fold the end of the flat under the brisket since my rack is only 14 inches wide. If so, does that in effect make the flat as thick as the point? I know, rookie questions. Thanks in advance.
Good questions....

While I don't have the model you do. I would fold the point under the flat, It takes more rendering than the flat. If it is too stiff, just do a close trim job of the fat on the point, won't hurt anything.

Doesn't matter what the temps of the point is, you are wanting to cook the flat till your probe slides in like butter. I would guess 200*+ will be needed, but don't worry about what the probe reads, it's all about the feel!
Well.....I trimmed the brisket and placed in smoker around mid-night. Woke up at 6am and saw my probe was reading 205*. I couldn't beleive that so I opened the smoker and checked with 2 other temp probes. All were within a degree of each other. I checked in multiple places on the flat and all the same temp. I checked for doneness with the temp probe and it went through the flat like going through butter.

So I foiled it, placed in cooler with towels.

I set my temp to 250*.

Any ideas why this thing only took 6 hours to cook? After I trimmed it I guess it was around 12 to 13 pounds.....

Next question. My guest aren't coming until 5pm. Can i leave it in the foil and place in oven about an hour before serving? Any suggestions? Thanks.
I used to have an SM008, same as your model.
What shelf did you have the brisket on ?? Keep notes of what you did for future reference. As Smokin' always says.

Your first pressing question: separate the flat from the tip - and then double wrap the flat in foil, then a big beach towel and put in a cooler that you stuff all other available space with crumpled up newspapers. Maybe toss it in the oven at 250 for about 40 minutes to warm it up before your guests arrive. And in the meantime cube up that fatty point and put it in an aluminum pan back in the smoker with some more rub and a little sauce to make burnt ends - about 90 minutes at 250. I think I like the burnt ends better than the slices of flat, no kidding it is really good on a roll or on a baked potato !! Then just hold the flat in foil. Others will chime in as the day progresses...

And other than that it's the old adage "it's done when it's done" though that seems fast. Also I get my briskets from a Mom and Pop butcher, really gorgeous CHOICE packers - about 14-16 pounds, now that I've taken them some of my jerky I get it at $3.49 a pound. Still seems pricey to what these Texas and Oklahoma guys are quoting for prices - but I'm in Jersey. We got italian sausage out the kazoo but good inexpensive brisket is a little harder to find at a lower price. If you have a big Walmart check them - some Walmart super stores sell brisket at about $2.50 a pound - but look to see what it is marked at - if no clear markings it is likely a SELECT which isn't quite as nice.
Guess my question is were you happy with the results.

Originally posted by Chacahoula Tiger:
...This brisket was the nicest color.....almost pink. ...

To me it sounds weird to have that color.

If it was tender and done, that's the key, but it should have ZERO redness after about 140 / 150 internal temp.

I've never had a piece of beef, cooked over 150 that had any pinkness left in it (that wasn't curred -- Corned Beef/Pastrami).

I'm positive the brand had nothing to do with it being that color. I don't know the brand but the price is high for around here for a full packer.

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