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I cooked a 6 lbs top round sirloin tip roast in my smokette using a pan.I used the probe and cooked it to a 160 tempurature.This meat was so tender and very good.The misses thought it was to smokey, I only used 2 oz of hickory,next time ill go with 1oz
The cleane up was much quicker in a pan versus on the racks.Does the pan effect the cooking or does it not matter ?
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I use an aluminum diposable pan for everything. I use a rack that is angled like a V raised an inch which keeps the meat from soaking in a any of the juices. I usually use a can a beer when starting and when I cook baby backs I use the 3-2-1 method which makes it easy to cover with foil at 3 hours. Just throw the aluminum pans out afterwards and only change the aluminum foil in the bottom of the smoker about once or twice a year. I hate cleaning!! Works for me ; )
A roasting pan might work too, and the meat, or whatever, would still be pretty much exposed to the smoke.

As an aside I saw some aluminum sheets at Lowe's today, they're designed for cooking smaller things on the grill, a pack of 2 sheets was 6 bones. Would aluminum effect the taste of the food from a smoker? The meat, or whatever, would be in contact with the sheet for a whole lot longer than on a grill. If not they seemed like a great idea.
Well there are a few Q sites out there that swear by the Pan Q method of cooking. Me, I don't like it near / steeping in the grease.

If it works for you, and it has the effects you want, it's smoky enough, etc, then keep doing it.

No right, no wrong way, do what works for you

Well, I take that back, BOILING is wrong... :d
Well,assuming we have all eaten truly good bbq ,someplace,and we know what good bark tastes like,and the mouthfeel,and aftertaste, and does for the balance of the finished product,then I guess we can cook one each way and we will have info to make a good decision.

Now,if our only basis of information,is the "right" amount of smoke taste,Todd could be right about the liquid smoke being all we need and cooking it in a poultry ,oven bag,would really help on cleanup.

I see they even make fishsticks,Mannwich sloppy joes, and mac n'cheese with liquid smoke now.

Wish somebody woulda told me that 40 yrs ago. Wink
Like Smokin' says"the forum is about making folks BETTER bbq cooks".

Some of folks want to keep getting better,especially if they have ever eaten really good Q.

Now, I can't disagree that Goodhouskeeping,Better Homes and Gardens,Family Circle,etc. have quicker,cheaper,easier to do and clean up.

They can give the budget shopping tips and the diet statistics.

They can advise that gas grills are faster to warm up,easier to clean,you don't have to store that nasty old charcoal,and they are much greener on the environment.

You can do it in high heels and a cocktail dress.

Now,down here,Sonny's delivers.

That is fast ,easy,and quick cleanup. Smiler

Just a couple of thoughts.

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