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I'm no expert,but I do cook with a few.

Like he says,read Smokin's Brisket 101 and don't try to overthink it.

Most experienced cooks will suggest you learn to cook the product correctly-so you know how you got there,and if there is something you really can't do,then make small changes one at a time.

We try to suggest folks think about the good cooks that do 50 at a time.
Would they really go thru all the strange things we see folks do with one small brisket?
I was going to say the same thing Tom, but waited for you to post since you have more experience with brisket. I did the same brisket recipe for my first one, and couldn't figure why you felt the way you do until I did the next one traditional style.

While it's an interesting way to cook a brisket, I think by making it a permanent thread at the top of the forum misdirects those of us first trying brisket. If like the title says, this is an "Incredible Brisket Recipe", why do it another way?

Smokin's 101's should be permanent threads at the top of each respective forum as they are. Change the title on "Incredible Brisket Recipe" to "Another Brisket Cooking Method, good for those cooking select flats".
Originally posted by Pags:
... Change the title on "Incredible Brisket Recipe" to "Another Brisket Cooking Method, good for those cooking select flats".

That was the title of the winning entry, doesn't mean I have to leave it that way...

Hmmm, maybe I'll do some editing soon.
I have friends that love my grandmother's potroast that she made with a three lb brisket flat,potatoes,carrots,brown gravy and hot rolls.

Our jerky with a brisket flat has always been raved about.

We have picked up closeouts at wally world on packers and separated the flat out for London broil-sliced thin.Always a winner.
Tyler Florence grinds packers to make the world's greatest burger and he might be correct.

I boil the flat,shred it with a fork,and fry it with Cuban spices to serve Ropa"old rags".
I could go on and on about things to use the brisket muscle for.

Then,I entertain cooks that know brisket,guests from traditional brisket country that seek out good,well prepared brisket and know they would laugh at me for calling it a SW brisket country meal.

Nothing wrong with telling folks that is a way to serve a piece of brisket,maybe with rice like an oriental pot roast-but I won't start them off on the brisket trail thinking they have learned to cook a "brisket".

Just my $0.02
Max made a good post from a trained chef who knows how to cook a brisket correctly.

As a chef,he knows how to use the byproduct of meat done well.

Many good cooks will end up holding packers in foil in the cambro for multiple hrs, that leaves the juices as a byproduct.They will then defat the juices and balance/correct the seasoning and strength.
It then will be added back to the original meats.

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