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I made some Teriyaki beef jerky that did not turn out very flavorful. I was wondering if I were to brush on the teriyaki sauce on the finished product and vacuum seal it in a bag if it would harm it or make it go bad quick? I remember having jerky that was wet out of this what they did? Any help or guidance would be appreciated! Thanks
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If you're not happy with your results, try it and see if you like it. What do you have to lose?

Actually, a couple days in the vacuum seal may produce a better tasting jerky without the additional sauce. Try this first then add the sauce if it doesn't improve. Jerky picks up flavor the first couple days out of the smoker anyway, just in case you're talking about a new batch.
I agree with Pags on vacuum sealing first without sauce and wait 3-5 days. I leave mine on the counter in a ziplock and every day it gets tastier.

If you decide it's not flavorful enough after that then try the sauce, but, I would refrigerate after you reseal it cause it could cause bacterial growth or mold. Then keep it in the fridge until its gone. Better safe than sorry.

I have wondered many times how those companies get that saucy kinda feel to their end product. I wish I knew cause I would be doing it. Let us know how it turns out.
Originally posted by Joe M:
Did you use HiMtn seasoning or home recipe? I've never tried their Teriyaki but other flavors are great. What will you do different next time?
Joe M

I used a home recipe....the problem was that it tasted to much like orange juice. The recipe call for it and it just overwhelmed the flavor. I am going to try it out today to see if it helped.

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