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Guys / Girls I need help.

Color: B+
Texture: A-
Taste: D-

I think I used too much smoke. I am finding that many of my sausages are starting to taste very similar to each other (maybe due to the hickory smoke flavoring).

This was also my first time not using natural casings. I wasn't sure if I needed to add the collagen casing to an ice bath after smoking.

Anyway, the end result tasted great; it just didn't taste like pepperoni.

If anyone cares to share a pepperoni recipe with me I would be very interested. Either post up or private message me.

Thank you in advance.



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Well......I don't know about pepperoni, but I make slimjims with collagin casings, Hungarian and fresh and smoked polish with hog casings and summersausage with fibrous casings. I always use apple or apple and oak mix for smoke. Normally 2-3 oz of wood is plenty for me. Hickory might over power the pepperoni.........Just my 2 cents worth.
Originally posted by kosy1993:
... Either post up or private message me.


Now, now. Watching you go through this experiment, we'd hate for you to find the success, but keep the secret Big Grin

I'd say it's the recipe, if it's the "taste". Are you happy with the recipe? There are 1,000's of Pepperoni recipes out there, I'm sure you've looked at them and your recipe.

Cut way back on the smoke. And yes, vary the wood flavor. If it all tastes like hickory, don't use hickory. All restaurants use that, so I'm not into it.

Plus, venison isn't traditional for Pepperoni, so it might require some unique seasoning. All game tastes pretty much the same to me in sausage.
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