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I had some Venison in the freezer from last fall I needed to use up so I picked up a the Venison Salami 10# kit from Butcher & Packer
I didn't have any pork to add (recipe calls for 7lbs venison and 3lbs pork butt) so I used 3 pounds of my homemade smoked bacon (too lazy to run the the store).

I blended the ice water with the spice kit and cure and mixed the venison and bacon then stuffed it, sorry no pictures of the stuffing my hands were kind of messy Smiler

I smoked them with the AMPS
1 hour at 115º (one row lit)
1 hour at 130º (two rows lit)
2 hours at 155º (two rows lit, it was just getting hotter outside and slowly rising inside)
Then I fired up the FEC120 set to 200º until the internal temperature was 160º (about 1.5 more hours)

I put them in an ice bath until the internal temp was 110º then let them rest at room temperature for 1 hour and then into the fridge for an overnight rest.

Let it chill for 5 hours and sliced. Very nice smoke flavor, it is nice and firm and has that salami taste, I would call it more of a cross between summer sausage and salami.

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