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The title says it all.
I am making venison sausage but I guess these questions would apply to sausage in general as well.
Natural or collagen casings? Pork or beef fat. I know that a lot of people use pork but fat is free at the market and I'm trying to save money.
Also what is your preferred fat to meat ratio? I see that 30% seems about the norm.

Your thoughts please.
Thanks in advance.
Merry Christmas!
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I've never done venison sausage, but for all of the sausage I've smoked over 20+ years, I've used natural sheep casings from Sausage Maker. Currently they make two sizes. There is definitely some prep work involved in cleaning and flushing but I really like the results using them. You have to be careful when stuffing to avoid too much air entrainment, and prevent over-stuffing to the point of rupture, but a steady hand on the stuffer output works well, mechanical or electric. Good luck with your project!

In my family, it is a tradition that pork intestines are used for smoked sausages, but the filling can be both pork and beef. Sometimes my mom also uses poultry, or goose liver, depending on each family is different. Honestly, I like pork sausage, but it is very fatty and has many calories, that's why I can't afford to eat much. But if I run out of food, I have to use the application to bring my body weight back to normal. I am an athlete, and because of this, I always have to respect the regime.

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