Ordered my SM025 on Wednesday. While I'm waiting for it to arrive I've been reading and searching the forum and have a question I can't find the answer to. During the initial seasoning, should I drop the meat probe in to see how it works or would it be better to wait until I'm actually cooking something? And, foil or not while seasoning. Thanks in advance for the help and I hope to be chiming in soon with success stories.
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I would season it while cooking something like a pork butt. It will season better, although it will continue to season for many smokes. You can test the probe inserted into the meat while seasoning. I ate the pork butt from my first seasoning. Turned out pretty good.

I also never foil the product while smoking it. Most don't. When you take the product out and want to hold it for up to several hours, double heavy duty foil, wrap in a beach towel and place it in a cooler.

Congrats on the purchase. You're going to love it.
I think he was talking about foil in the bottom -- no foil needed if not cooking a meat. My probe says not to use it to monitor oven temps but they may be just talking about regular ovens. My guess is that it would not make a difference so do whatever you want on that one. Spend your time reading the forum instead of worrying about the temp would be my advice.
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It is wise to check your temps. My cs020, which should be like yours runs a little hotter in the front when loaded down, as opposed to the back.

I tend to get some direct heat from the bottom, but on long cooks the top will get done quicker.

I like the idea of seasoning without meat. I would turn on high with 2 chunks of wood for 4 hrs. You can check the top hole with a probe, mine is real close to the display.

The biggest thing is get out and cook something and have some FUN!
I would wipe the inside down. If you mean foil the smoker, then yes. You are always going to foil the bottom and the heat shield, too much build up otherwise. Do not forget to punch that hole in the foil to drain. Grab a nice pork butt and smoke away. I found and old bread pan that I use to catch the drippings. Yes, use the probe. If you got if use it. Try to start recording all your smokes, this will really help. Nothing is worse than "that was awesome, but I forgot what I did." Congratulations!
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Read the threads, "lessons for new users" in the Open forum and the "start here" in the owners forum. Many initial questions are answered there.

Welcome to the forum.

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