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I've got a CS 305 so space is not the issue; my son is graduating college next weekend and I'm hosting a party for about 100 people.
I'm doing 100lbs of St.Louis Ribs and 100 lbs of split chicken (25-4lb chickens split to make 50 pieces of chicken total) Because I need the product all out of the smoker at the same time, Im asking if anyone has ever attemped this, and would it be successful??
If so can anyone give me a time and temp setting for this attempt??

I'll be using my rib rub and Apple wood.
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Tough call. Ribs (IMHO) do best at 250-275...chickens, I'd go at your highest temp to avoid rubbery skin. If that isn't a factor, cook them both at 275 but keep the chicken on the lower racks to prevent cross contamination from dipping juices.

Should you decide to cook separately, cook ribs first and hold them in an insulated cooler. Foiled, they'll keep for a cpl of hours while you cook chicken.
Depends on weight and temp.

A 3 lb rack of St Louis at 275 will take 3.5-4 hrs. Figure up to an extra hour for a 225 smoking temp. Time is only a rough measure of doneness. A sure fire way to test rib is the toothpick test. Insert top down in the center of the rack between the bones. If it slides in and out with ease, they're done. Allow extra time for heavier racks.

Chicken is done when the breast temps at 165; thighs at 170-175. For a 4 lb chicken split in half, I'm guessing 1-1.5 hrs.
If you're asking us for times, have you not cooked ribs and chicken in it before?

Need to know so we can help you figure it out.

Ever done that much food at once?

NEVER put poultry above any other food. The drippings leave ugly marks on the food below, unappetizing and can carry too many nasties.

Me? I'd cook everything, ribs and chicken at 275.

If you're unsure about times, then you should practice. My 100% sure way to good up an event is do something you've never done or practice. Just too many variables to give you an exact time. We can get close, but that many, can throw off lots of things in determining time.

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