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Originally posted by Tom:
The CS Chicken Rub is essentially a Cajun seasoning, so judgement should be used as to amounts,etc.

When you say cooking chicken,some folks might be doing 8 lb roasters,others split fryers,others breast fillets,and some wing flats.

Lots of good techniques.

I thought I read in earlier posts that CS Chicken rub was similar to creole rather than cajun?
Well,as all my "coonass" relatives from New Iberiia and points other would say,not quite this way. Wink

What is the difference between Creole and Cajun cooking? Most Louisiana chroniclers claim the answer is simple. Many Creoles were rich planters and their kitchens aspired to grande cuisine. Their recipes came from France or Spain as did their chefs. By using classic French techniques with local foodstuffs, they created a whole new cuisine, Creole cooking.

On the other hand, the Acadians, pronounced <uh-CADE-ee-uns>, later contracted to Cajun, were a tough people used to living under strenuous conditions. They tended to serve strong country food prepared from locally available ingredients. It was pungent, peppery and practical since it was all cooked in a single pot. Thus Cajun cuisine was born.

Creole would most likely be thought of in the "big city"

Thus the po folks what lived off the land,shot,caught,trapped,and raised what they eat.The ingredients may have been simple,but the lives were hard and spicey and the food and drink reflected it.

The cajuns would be more likely to use three peppers to hit all areas of the mouth-thus a touch of heat up front on poultry with a little stronger back heat to linger.

Laissez les bons temps rouler.

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