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when I cook a brisket I normaly get a flat about 4 lbs with a good layer of fat on top, cooks in about 7 hours, comes out fine, this time I got a piece about 8 lbs, a layer of fat then a layer of meat only about 3/4 inch thick then the flat with not much fat on top. will this take a whole lot longer to cook, will it be more moist, should I cook fat down and put bacon on top, this is the best I can discribe this thing, the butcher just gave it to me it was different than I usley get from him, cost twice as much but thats ok if it comes out better
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When I go to the local slaughter/ butcher shops in my area for whole briskets what I get are not the untrimmed packer briskets that weigh 12- 13 lbs. like most folks speak of on here.

It has the point/fat/flat on it, but the flat is always thinner. It seems they use the rest of the flat for ground meat or something. So it only weighs about 7- 8 lbs. Maybe that's what you have?????
Sounds like you got a trimmed packer.

IBP may call them a #182?

I hope the butcher at least kissed you,when he charged double. Eeker

You don't mention what you are cooking on.

Traditional CS,I cook with the point/fat up.

Sometimes they just cut it square,and don't get concerned how the point runs.

I'd stick a probe in the thickest part of the flat,just like usual.

The trimmed up point may render,just like a flat.

If not,chop it,or throw it back in the cooker for a couple of hrs.

I always figured bacon was what you fried to go on BLT sandwiches.

This might help some
Brisket Tutorial

Hope this helps a little.
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