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Just smoked a turkey breast for last night's dinner.

Followed Smokin's Turkey 101 using buttered cheesecloth. Spices on the skin surface, no brining this time. Took it out of the smoker at 167*, let it rest for 30 minutes under loose foil. Sliced it up.

Very tasty, nice smoke flavor. was very moist. The color was a rich deep golden brown. I think I've got these things perfected. Smiler
Originally posted by AndyJ:
Just noticed... Hey, LowNSlow, welcome to the forum! Whatcha cooking on?

I've just taken delivery of a PG500. The pork tasted great to me, but my wife says the smoke flavor is not as good as what our SM025 puts out. By the time it was done, I smelled of hickory so I'm not a good judge. I need some experience to figure out what I'm doing with it.

I used cookshack hickory pellets @ 225 with a HHT of 30 on zone 4. Anyone have suggestions on increasing the smoke flavor? Maybe I'll try on zone 3 next time. Would mesquite be a stronger flavor?
This should be a new discussion thread (more people will see it and it won't get "lost"). If you can't move it, PM Smokin.

To increase smoke, options include:

Two stage smoke starting at a lower temp (say 180 for 4 hours) then bump to 250 to finish.

Get 100% hickory pellets (PM Fast Eddy)

Blend in Mesquite Pellets (careful)


Put cold meat in a cold smoker

Tell your wife she doesn't know what she is talking about! Good luck with that one! Wink
Joe M

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