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I signed up for the class a couple of months ago. My wife keeps our credit cards and was suppose to call it in, anyway I guess she forgot because I just called to get the info and was told the class was full and I would have to wait till NEXT december (a call would have been great so this could have been avoided). If the classes are over capacity why not offer it more than once a year? If anyone has taken it in the past, is it worth it?

Normally the people on the other end of the phone are very helpful but I got a bit of a "TS" attitude when I tried to find out what my alternatives were. I'm no genius but if you have a product that is always out of stock...make more (have more classes).
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I have no interest in the company ,or the classes.

The answer to" is it worth it" is a very easy and resounding YES.

It is a couple days of "hands on",interacting with top cooks from around the country,presenters that have dominated in comp cooking,and taught many others that have done likewise.

This is not a project to market classes,and is done as it can be.

This is a family company,and the participants/presenters are members of the family/managers,Pres of the company,head of the forum and workers in the small local company.

They work around trade shows,cooking competitions,maufacturing schedules,when is the heart of comps[when will folks sign up to come]

It is done as a service to owners/owners to be.

The same quality class runs about $600-$750 per person-or more,when presented by the same quality cooks and provided facilities.

Look at how much they lose, to present at this price.

And no,we participants don't all sign up a year in advance,so the presenters can really plan it.

If you have a seat,it will be snapped up,if you offer it.

Those of us that have been,will say "be thankful for the opportunity,not just because we don't have to spend the thousand bucks"

As far as a "TS attitude",we comp cooks make every last minute,crisis demand on the staff,and get nothing but the greatest ,good old boy,do everything-beyond what they should do.

Now,an owner ,and member of the founding family,makes a personal response-not some kid on a computer screen in some far away country.

Hope this has been helpful.
Well, that doesn't really make me feel any better especially since I WAS signed up for the class and now I have 13 months to wait. I was hoping you'd say that "'s a nice to have". Now I REALLY want to go to the class.

The real problem is that I'm military and who knows where I'll be in a year. AND that weekend is my wedding anniversary so I got special clearance this year since I was free...not so sure I'll get that next year.

Like I said, this all could have been avoided with a quick phone call from the coordinator but, oh and learn. Donna has been very nice and helpful and certainly doesn't need to apologize for anything. My main point of my original post was they could probably support more classes than 1/year. She explained that Eddie just doesn't want to do more than that. Anyhow, there are only so many bodies that the fire chief will allow in a room.

Maybe someone will bail on the event and I'll get my spot back. Thanks for all the info.

PS: Yes, I was very shocked to recieve ANY phone call much less one from an owner. As I originally stated, everyone at CS is always very helpful.
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Been out a week golfing in Monterrey CA (anyone was Pebble Beach?)


If it'd seen this I would have sent you to Donna directly, but glad to see she responded.

For future reference, if you have an issue with CS, call them, the forum just isn't the place for it. As you saw, it's something they want to directly resolve and normally Donna isn't in the forum.

As for the class that's a bummer. But realize also they shut down the plant for at least two days so it costs them production time. and with the competition schedule, it's really hard to do them any other time of the year.

Sorry you missed the class, if you have any question feel free to ask.

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