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Can the wheels be removed easily on this smoker once they are installed.  I just replied to another post about carts.  I am thinking of using this steel wagon from harbor freight.

It's plenty wide and I hope the I can just mount the smoker down to the cart with threaded rods through the wagon floor.


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Yep, I replaced the casters on my SM066 with larger ones pretty quickly. You just need to make sure the caster threads match. I seem to recall 5/16 - 18 thread size, but you can search here for the threads about it. I gently laid my smoke back side down on a pad and replaced them easily.

If you are wanting to just remove them to put the smoker on a cart, they can be unscrewed easily, but check to see if you still have room for the drip pan and a way to remove it.

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That was going to be my next question.  Do you need the wheels on in order to place and remove the drain pan?  I seen picture's of SM066's with no wheels and the drain pan had proper clearance.

From the spec sheet I have three inches underneath without wheels.  I think that wagon frame height is no more than two inches.    I just do not want to have to use the wheels to create extra height on the cart.

I am planning on facing the smoker towards the handle but placing it on the rear of the cart.  That should leave me plenty of room to remove the pan.  The front of the cart can be used as a flat surface to set trays and such down.

Otherwise, I will look at cutting the frame just beyond the width of drip pan so it can removed.   That is a last resort.

I will do that.  I will be out of town for work until 14th.  I am planning on ordering the smoker from the BBQ guys when I return.  They have 6 in stock and free shipping.  My local Harbor Freight has the wagons in stock.

I'll try to do a video and post here.  I will also post this on Smoking Meat Forums as well.

I have the same username on site also.

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