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Like MaxQ says.I doubt you want to deal with Lobels or Allen-but.

Morgan Ranch in NE,or better chance Imperial in Blair,NE.

I guess you called Paradise?

Jimmy's in Naples might steer you to their supplier-if they don't have what you want.

Seems you are in FBA and there is at least one good brisket cook that uses them regular.I'd ask him,as most cooks can be pretty sharing.
I have bought from Paradise several times. Only once was I able to get anything larger than a 13lb. And it came in late and the shipping company had to pay for it spoiling.

The smaller ones have scored very well at comps for me. But I did place an order last night from Snake river for a pack of 14-17lber's. so they must be back in stock for a period.

Like Randy says about sizes.Most high end/custom houses deal with a group of ranches that raise to butcher to a certain "manufacture" standard.

Also,the restaurants are their end user.Sometimes,the feeling that the under 2 yr old steer will be better meat,has chefs ordering smaller .With brisket,the chef may be serving fewer meals?
Yes,often comp cooks like large packers,because it gives us more to pick from.We are a small user and they don't raise for us.
Maybe they find us an old ,or non quality producing bull?

We would constantly stress sending us the largest possible and like Randy says, the case might have a couple high 12 pounders,a nine,a ten,a seven,and an eight.

When everyone was cooking CABs and they got tough to find,the only ones the FL wholesaler could sell was eight cases of over 20 pounders.That meant 100-110 lbs /case. Eeker

Yep,SRF sometimes for larger,and Creekstones for regular primes.

Good luck.
I ordered two prime briskets from Creekstone Farms. Best I ever cooked. Considering the quality the price was quite reasonable. Would definitely order from them agsin.

On the other hand I ordered an Akaushi grade brisket from Heartbrand Beef and it was not only disappointing in the finished product but they lied to me about the sizing and their customer service was abysmal.
I've been getting all of my beef and chicken from this source. I routinely buy Waygu packers in the 13-15 lb range. Amazing cuts. Prices are reasonable, but not Costco cheap.

While you're at it, order a couple of 28 day dry aged Waygu NY strips and throw them on the grill. You'll never eat a better steak. Problem is, every steak you eat past that point in a restaurant will probably disappoint.


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