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Our (brand spankin' new) team called Smoke and Sourmash hopefully will be cooking in a few midwest events. Right now it looks like

Illinois State BBQ champ. in Shannon
Brick Street BBQ Cookoff in Mt. Carroll IL
The Viroqua, WI cookoff (Great trout fishin' in the area)
Maybe the Madison, WI cookoff.


We cooked both Madison & Viroqua last year. Really enjoyed both of them for different reasons. Viroqua was as laid back as a contest gets. Many of the cooks gathered around about 9:00PM and told lies for a couple hours. That just doesn't happen at the bigger contests. Madison was a great contest as well. Last year's site was great. It was a island with the teams lining the perimeter and the vendors down the middle.

We will cook 16 - 18 contests this year. Staying closer to home than last year (Philly was a haul!).

Osage City, Kansas
Bentonville, Arkansas
Topeka, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas - Blue Devil
Parsons, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas - Speedway

That gets us into June. Mixing in a couple road trips at that point. Hope to meet several you out on the circuit.

Rod Gray
Pellet Envy

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