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I have searched and found lots of reading info on this site about different pellets. Just wondering what pellets are you using? I used the treager pellets (silver bag) that came with my fec-100 but will be ordering from candy (BBQ delight). What are you folks using? what do you like and dislike about each? Thanks!!
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I use FE's pellets.

Lots use Candy Sue's.

I think they're both blended (about 70/30 or something close to that) and I like that. Blended give you a balance of BTU's and wood flavor.

Key is to know if they are 100% wood or blended.

Some prefer specific ones for the kind of smoke ring, the flavor, etc.

My suggestion since wood is so subjective to your taste buds, is to get a few bags from diffeerent companies and compare results. Your results will be what matter.
We've used Fast Eddy's for years ,with good results.

We have also used some of CandySue's,with no problems.

Like Smokin' says.

The different BTU's,ash,etc are important.

CandySue ,also,has some 100% flavor pellets,that some folks blend in with her regular pellets.

Some folks are particular about what base wood is used.

The 70% oak is pretty popular,east of the "big river".
The pellets I received with my FEC-100 were labeled as treager. Some were in the white bag and some were in the silver bag. The silver bags is what I have used and they work pretty good but really don't have anything to compare them too. Thinking of the BBQ delights or Fast eddy pellets as I get ready to place an order.
I do have some ash with the silver treager pellets just not sure what to expect with the bbq delights or Fast Eddie. Not just the ash but concerned with the heat (btu's). Thanks!
Hey, I bought a few bags this year to start off of bbqdelight, they are great. The rest of the year I used the ones that Cookshack sent me for the finishes in comps. They were from Traeger to the unmarked bag. My best results have been with the Teaeger. They burn consistant and clean. As for BTU's, that info will come to you with use, from soft woods to hard woods its different.
I decided to necropost instead of starting a new thread to cover an old topic.

I need to order pellets. I used a 20 lb. bag of CS Hickory and Mesquite pellets for my first few smokes. I like the pellets and CS's price is definitely fair. The problem is that shipping prices kill the deal (shipping costs more than the actual pellets). I'm only thinking about getting about 100-200 lbs of pellets, so I wouldn't qualify for a freight shipping discount.

I got on BBQr's Delight, and they also have a fair price. But I can't get the shipping calculator to work on that site in order to compare apples to apples with CS. Does anybody know how much BBQr's charges for shipping in relation to CS? Can anybody point me to a chain store that actually carries quality pellets? Any local stores in the Louisville, KY area?
Just E-mail Candy Sue(BBQ Delight) at her sight and she will let you know costs, a pallet will be the cheapest way to go, but you will need access to a dock for delivery.

You might try getting hold of Fast Eddy, he has costumers everywhere and maybe you could get access to pellets like that...his 100% Hickory are good pellets.
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What normally happens is someone posts they are making a buy and then see if people want to go in and share.

Have to get on my moderator soap box here, as there have been a few posts about this recently.

As for problems on another website, please take it there. They're competing directly with CS selling pellets, so really isn't in the spirit of the CS forum to help Candy Sue sell pellets.

We'll certainly talk anyone's pellets, compare and contrast and talk about the differences as long as no one has an agenda and is pushing one way or the other. I try to do that also. I don't steer you one way or the other, it's your $$$

But remember this is a CS site, they sell pellets, so be fair to them in discussions, don't come into the CS forum and sell other people's items (it's actually against CS posted policy).
I primarily use CS Hickory. I drive about 25 miles to a local CS distributor. It's worth the drive because the pellets end up being $14 for a 20lb bag. That's up $2 from last year, but still better than $20 a bag for Traeger pellets at the local hardware store.

Sometimes I ride over on my motorcycle and pick up 4 bags at a time... 2 on the back seat and 2 in the trunk. That's something they'd never seen before Wink
Just E-mail Candy Sue(BBQ Delight) at her sight and she will let you know costs, a pallet will be the cheapest way to go, but you will need access to a dock for delivery.

Not anymore. When I talked to Candy Sue at The Jack, she said she doesn't ship the pallets anymore because the regular ground shipping is now more cost effective. You won't need a loading dock. (When she was shipping pallets, I was able to unload the pallet at the local FedEx ground office, so I still didn't need the loading dock.)

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