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Hi All,

The photo shows a Reolink RLC-410ws wireless Internet camera aimed at a smokette 025. The application isn't limited to that camera, just what I had available at the time.

I mounted the camera on a wood base so that it's movable and I can monitor/record anything I want.

Placing it on top of a flat top Rubbermaid garbage can is close to perfect. The LED's on the smoker will overwhelm the camera because it's going to adjust to pick up the larger image. That can be solved by taping a bag over the display that ESD (electrostatic Discharge sensitive) parts come in.

You can then check the smoker via tablet/smart phone/computer and the camera will record the video in case you want to know time/temperature for the next similar smoke.

I'll try to get back and get some comments. For obvious reasons, I can't answer IT questions. Getting the camera, Wifi, software and monitor device working is far outside the scope if this suggestion, so please don't ask.

All the best.


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