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I recently got a cookshack smoker and have used it a couple of times. Smoked chicken and ribs. My question is as follows: When you start to cook bigger cuts of meat.... turkey, brisket, you have to resupply the wood box after 3 or 4 hours of cooking? I noticed that smoke started to
dissipate after about 2 hours when I used two chunks of wood. Any help would be appreciated.
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No you do not need to add more wood during a smoke. The question is are you satisfied with the smoke flavor you are getting. If so then no need to add more, if not then add a little more when you start out and see how that tastes to you since smoke taste is very subjective from person to person. I typically use from 3-6 oz depending on what I'm smoking.
I'm not sure if this belongs here but I smoked some ribs last weekend and threw in 6 eggs for fun. It is 110 plus degrees in Phoenix this time of year. 180 set temp to start with. I opend the CS 025 door at the 1 hour mark to check the eggs and noticed no smoke at all and no smoldering wood either. I think my smoker was probably at 160 to 170 inside before I even started. I turned the heat up to 300 and left the door open for a few minutes and started to get good smoke, then turned it back down to 275. All is well that ends well. The ribs and eggs turned out great. The point I guess is if you cook in really hot temperature zones, you may have to make some adjustment to your technique.

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