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Because it's not mine and I don't know if all that info is right and because it's not my idea???



Everyone look this over and see if it makes sense or you agree with it. I don't want to post a sticky to another forum, so we'll have to come up with out onw.

Actually we've posted similar ones over the year just never made it a sticky. If someone finds one of our old threads with the FAQ list of wood, let me know (post the link) and I'll make it a sticky.
Yea. I didn't figure you'd want to use the one I showed cause it was someone else's work. Wonder where he got his. Maybe he's a wood expert. Big Grin

I showed his cause it was available to anyone on his site with no disclaimers (originator's name is on it so it's not plagerism). I'll try a little search and see if I can find anything posted on our site.
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Good point. I've found a few articles like this one.

That said. I've cedar planked salmon also. Maybe the planks are treated to get rid of the resins making them suitable for plank cooking. Check out the first respondents comments in the article above (Randy Stevens). If Randy is still around, maybe ceder is OK. Since I've purchased my Cookshack, I don't cedar plank the salmon anymore.

Found a great deal at my local pool dealer on sacks of chunk wood from Maine Grilling. Picked up some black cherry, hickory, Birch, AND....some of this "Maine White Cedar"

Anyone have any info on this wood?
The sacks were only a couple of dollars a piece, as they are getting out of the smoker business! I picked up their last SM55 for $500, which I felt was a great deal.

Any ideas about this maine white cedar?
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