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So I probably gone two or three dozen cooks on this and I know it says to be very careful with the wood but I find that 3 ounces I start with he’s already done smoking within a few hours or so and I’m only getting a decent smoke flavor from it are you adding wood throughout the smoke or starting with more than 3 ounces? I’ve looked through the forms and haven’t seen many people go over for ounces. But is that at a time or and add as it burns out or only add wood I’m beginning?


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I never add more wood during a smoke. I found that adding wood tends to give me a creosote bitterness.

Experts say meat stops "readily" absorbing smoke flavor after it gets to 140 deg surface temp.  My observation is that is mostly true, so I don't try to get smoke for the whole`12 hours or so. I often do get smoke for the whole time, but that is the drippings burning on the wood house after a few hours.  I do use 4-6 oz or wood and start with cold meat. More meat, more wood. And I only use apple and or cherry and sometimes a little hickory on everything except salmon (Alder only for that).

Is your wood completely turned into ash at the end of the smoke or is it partially charcoal?  I find the best flavor smoke for me is when I get very little ash and mostly charcoal when done with smoke.  If you're getting ash, your wood may be burning and not giving you smoke.

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What Lonzinomaker said. In my SM066, for ribs I use about 2 1/2 oz of peach, for brisket about  4 oz of pecan or oak, for salmon about 2 oz of alder. Less wood for shorter smokes, milder wood for more delicate meat. I usually get small chunks of charcoal at the end, except for very long smokes like brisket. Too much smoke for too long equals bitter creosote flavor, IMO.

Right or wrong I usually put 3 pieces of charcoal on the bottom of the tray then a hand full of whatever wood I decide on. I get a slight smokey flavor but nothing over powering. I too wish I could get a little more smoke taste. I have never actually weighed any woodchips for the tray,  I just guesstimate. I mean 4-6 oz is not much.......

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