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That's nothing...I think it's like Soy Sauce, both are dark and runny and will do just that.

I'm a real clean cook in the kitchen, but it's always a mess cleaning up after Q'in.

How about all the rub that gets everywhere when you make it or use it, some always gets on the counter and if it gets wet then dries, it's glued to the counter

bbq sauce can stain anything

And let's not forget cleaning up after getting any grease, smoke, ashes, etc.

Hey' it's Q'in to me.
I'm like you Smokin. Very clean cook in the kitchen. When I'm done preparing my sauces, rubs, marinades, brines, or barbecue, my wife doesn't know I've been in the kitchen. I leave it cleaner than I found it. Doesn't seem fair that I make a mess and leave it for someone else, even a little.

The only exception is my shirts. Too many are stained. Gotta start wearing that apron.

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