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Brisket takes on smoke pretty easily and often will oversmoke.

It is a big hunk of meat and you aren't likely to get smoke all through it.

You don't say how much wood you are starting with,but you can always add some more- halfway through the cook.

Many logburners will paper sack them to keep from oversmoking.

You can separate the point,after the flat is done,cut in 1 1/2 inch cubes, and smoke it another couple hours.

Hope this helps a little.
If you're wanting "more" smoke, you can also cook it a little longer at a lower temp then bump it up to finish it off. You could easily cook it @ 200 or so and it would add a couple of hours to the cook, allowing more smoke.

The "theoretical" problem with more smoke is the internal temp of the meat. I've heard, call it one of those BBQ Internet Rumors, that meat, after about 140 or so, the pores close down and don't let the smoke penetrate any farther. Makes sense, heard a few food scientists try to explain it. That's why cold smoking works so well, it penetrates without getting above the 140

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