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It was good for its day, I guess... but looking over this site now I see lots of great pictures, videos, etc.

11 years later, my Cookshack Smokette is still serving me well. It seems like most of the time I use it I'm on auto-pilot. It seems almost illegal to have to do so little, yet get rave reviews at pot-luck dinners, etc. I rarely tell people that I just have to season the meat, put it in the smoker with a few chunks of wood, and come back 10-16 hours later and remove. Is that wrong?
Dave, glad to see you’re back around again. I used your website heavily when I started out with my Smokette, and now I’m on my 3rd Cookshack.
I was sorry to see you took your site down. It would be every bit as relevant today as it was when you first started it. Lots of good Smokette specific information. I used to refer as many people to your site as I did to the forum.
MainelyDave - "WELCOME BACK!" I've been MIA for a while as well. I lost my sense of taste a few years back & basically dropped the off Cookshack planet. I pop in every once in a while just to see how it's going. Taste has come back & I'm Q'n away again, but now quite as often as I'd like.

I too miss your website. Had it bookmarked forever. It was a great resource for newbies! Wink

Take care, my friend!

For me, it's great to see you back as well. I, too, was a regular on your website when I first got my Smokette a year or so after you started. Gotta laugh at your "automatic pilot" comment. I've got 18# of pork butt in the smoker almost ready for my homecoming tailgate Saturday. I will humbly take the compliments and plaudits, then say that I just seem to have a knack for barbeque. So no, I don't think you're wrong!
Well now,sounds like a few of us are still pushing our "walkers" out to the cooksite to get a whiff of "blue/clear"smoke.
Tuff life at the beach-but somebody's got to do it. Wink

I always appreciated the efforts you made to share usable postings,that showed attention to detail and the k.I.S.S methods.

Be nice to see a few more.

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