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I�ve been trying to work up a recipe for Hot wings. Not Buff wings or BBQ wings but plan ol� Hot wings.

I been making them up in real small batches of a half a dozen at a time and so far this is what I�ve come up with.

The seasoning;

1 Tbsp Chili powder
1 tea granulated Garlic
� tea of cayenne pepper
couple pinches of Kosher salt
some fresh ground pepper.

I�ve put them in a Zip lock, shook it up and let it set for a few hours and smoked them.

I haven�t put a lot of heat in them yet I�m trying for the flavor first. They aren�t bad but something (besides heat) is missing.

Anybody got any suggestions.
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As to what I�m looking for I�m not sure, but what �Doritos� smell like is the taste I�d like to target.

Last nights trial was a disaster. I did too many things all at once and it blew everything out of proportion. I was able to detect the sweetness of the brown sugar so that is one thing I won�t use for sure.

I also realized that rather than using the shake and bake method I�m going to go to a sprinkle on both sides. It makes for a better presentation.
2 greyhounds-- thanks a bunch but being bull headed as I am it's gotta be from scratch.

Smokin-- I knew that, but for some reason I just got carried away with throwing stuff in the soup.

Last nights effort(s)-- took the basic that I had come up with plus more salt and the Chiptole pepper it was ok. Then I did a second batch at the same time and added 2 Tbsp, of Veggie oil and 2 Tbsp of vinegar Wasn't half bad. "Yes Dear" liked them but Still wasn't where I wanna go.
Well everything is kind of on hold for now, as far as a rub (?).

After a couple more tries �Yes Dear� informed me how she really liked the batch I made up using the vinegar and oil. So now I�m working on brine this should give me a base taste to the wings, then I�ll be able to adjust the rub to the brine.

Well dats da plan, anyhow.

The brine.

Soy sauce
Brown sugar

The portions are what I�m experimenting with now.

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