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Pulled pork for friends and family that came over yesterday....12.77lbs in total. Threw together a quick Carolina slaw and slapped it on some cheap, and I mean cheap white buns. 24 pack of buns from Costo, $2.39. I injected the butt's and rubbed with seasoning.


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A few hrs ago, I rubbed two pork butts (15.6 lbs) with Pappy's Low Salt Rub and placed them in the fridge. Letting them sit on the counter for 45 minutes to pick up some moisture so I can apply more rub. Into the smoker they go at about 10:30 so they'll be ready for tomorrow night's dinner. Pulled pork sandwiches requested by my daughter.

Your pictures were very timely for us. Nice looking butts. Salmon looks delicious.

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